Account Opening & Trading

Q:Does securities trading account opening complicate ?
A:It is easy to open securities trading account and will take around 15 -20 mins ( 2 – 5 working days to completed your application ),for more details, please click Securities Account Opening Procedures.
Q:How can I get my Login Password?
A:The Login Password will be sent to you by e-mail after you have successfully opened an account with us. You are recommended to change your Login Password once you received it. If you do not receive our notification letter with 5 working days, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at ( 852 ) 2876 3318.
Q:What should I do if I forgot the Login Password?
A:If you have forgotten your Login Password, you can download an Electronic Trading and order confirmation by SMS Services Application Form from our website or please call our Customer Service Hotline at ( 852 ) 2876 3318 for a new one against written request. New password will send to you within 1 working day.
Q:How can I change my Login Password?
A:You can change your login password anytime through internet Profile Management. Your new Password should be 8-16 alphabets and numbers, case sensitive and exclude symbols and space, and must be different from your old Login Password.
Q:What should I do if my account is blocked?
A:If your account is being attempted to login with a wrong password by 3 times through any of our online channels, it will be locked automatically. You can contact our Customer Service Hotline at ( 852 ) 2876 3318 to unlock your account.
Q:Can I amend or cancel an order during lunch break of trading hours?
A:If your order is already queuing in the AMS/3 system ( order status is“ Queued “ ), the amendment instruction you makemade during 12:00 noon –1:00p.m. on a trading day will be handled after the afternoon session Begins(begins). For the cancellation instruction you made during that period., It will be handled at 12:30p.m. If your order has not yet been queued in the AMS/3 system ( order status is “ Unprocessed “), the amendment or Cancellation instruction will be handled immediately.
Q:What is short selling ? Can I short-sell with SinoStar Securities?
Selling shares that you do not own is short selling. SinoStar Securities does not allow short-selling.
Q:What will be charged for trading?
A:The charges include :
Brokerage Commission:Custodian Account - as low as 0.25% of the transaction amount ( min. HK$80 ).
Transaction Levy:0.0027% of the transaction amount , levied by the SFC.
Investor Compensation Levy:Suspended
Trading Fee:0.005% of the transaction amount , levied by the HKEx
CCASS Stock Settlement fee:0.004% of each transaction amount ( min.HK$2 , max HK$100.).
Trading Tariff:Suspended
Stamp Duty:0.1% of the transaction amount nearest dollar), levied by the HKSAR government.
1. Reduction in brokerage commission rate is subject to the final discretion of SinoStar Securities Limited may at its absolute discretion offer or cease to offer or vary the terms of such reduction.
2. Buying/Selling a particular stock a few times on the same day through the same channel will be considered as 1 single transaction

About saving and extracting

Deposit Guide

① Please make payment to our Bank Account below.
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Beneficiary Account Number
HKD 012-918-0-032239-3
RMB 012-918-0-600936-4
USD 012-918-0-801167-1

② You may notify us by the following means:
via designated electronic channels
sign on the bank pay-in slip with your account number and account name quoted and send by fax to (852) 2876 3302 or by email to enquiries@sinostarsec.com
contact your Account Executive or our Customer Service Hotline (852) 2876 3318 for payment confirmation

# Be made payable to: Sinostar Securities Limited (for any crossed cheques, bank drafts and remittance)
# Please note that our Company does not accept deposit from third party(parties) (i.e. all bank deposit, cheque deposit, transfer payment or overseas remittance)